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Virtual Resources Rental

Virtual Infrastructure/Virtual Data Centers

With the scalable computing capacity rental service, you can manage servers, data storage systems, software, networks and other resources on your own. Microsoft Azure Pack enables platform management and configuration.

Virtual Servers

Cloud-based virtual machine rental is a simple alternative to purchase of a physical server. The systems remain under your control, the only difference is that they will be deployed in the cloud, running on proven equipment and serviced by professionals.

Web Hosting

Your corporate website should be always available, ready for any number of visitors,  with quick server response time. Softline provides website hosting on Windows Azure or on an in-house cloud platform.

Private Cloud as a Service

The service is designed for organizations that do not want to maintain an in-house IT infrastructure but have requirements that make public cloud unsuitable for them. Clients can rent a solution that includes servers, data storage and virtualization systems. Choose to place the equipment in one of three Softline data centers (Moscow, Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok) or on the client site.

Cloud-based Backup

Cloud backup solution allows restoring lost or deleted data in a couple of minutes. Cloud backup of file servers, PCs, databases, mailboxes, access rights and passwords, server, application and OS settings, as well as virtual machines ensures business continuity.